This comprises of all local newspapers.


Ebony is a monthly publication that centers on news, culture, and entertainment. It caters to the African-American community, encompassing content related to the lives and achievements of influential black individuals, as well as topics like fashion, beauty, and politics.


Magazine: Discover magazine is a popular science publication known for its engaging articles and insights into a wide range of scientific topics. It explores the latest discoveries, innovations, and breakthroughs in various fields of science, making complex concepts accessible to a general audience.


AllYouCanRead is a website that provides access to an extensive collection of online magazines and newspapers from around the world. Users can browse and read articles from a diverse range of publications on various topics, making it a convenient platform for staying informed about global news, trends, and interests.


Magzter is a digital newsstand that offers access to a vast library of magazines, newspapers, and periodicals from around the world. Users can explore a wide range of publications, covering topics such as fashion, lifestyle, technology, business, entertainment, and more, all in one convenient place.